Hello. I’m Anthony North – and welcome to the website of my dreams.
My dreams of what?
Of a better world – or at least, that is the quest.

This is KEYUDOS – a new kind of UK-based writers’ site with global reach.
The book has stopped changing the world. It simply satisfies particular groups. We’re too specialized now. Which is an error.
Keyudos is part of my attempt to fight back.
For 30 years I’ve been developing PopLit & P-ology.
PopLit is a new form of minimalist, genre-bending, reader-friendly literature for a busy world, encompassing all written media from books to social networks.
P-ology is a form of Rational Holism, seeking patterns in knowledge specialization could have missed, not to offer truth, but ideas.
To date I’ve published 53 FREE eBooks based on PopLit & P-ology, covering most subjects and genres, as well as differing storytelling forms & poetry.
I have created KEYUDOS as the next stage of PopLit & P-ology, offering new horizons to writers & extending their interests into new subjects.
So join me in the Revolu – I don’t complete the word, as it simply means back to the beginning.


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